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Welcome to all of you who have itchy feet. This is the website which is designed to make you thirsty with the most beautiful and charming traveling destinations. If you love to learn about new cultures, meet new people, visit historic monuments and explore the nature, this is the right place for you. We are going on a trip together!




Vacations and travelings are very special events for many, some people tend to travel a lot, and others are more comfortable with staying in their comfort zones. However, this page is devoted to traveling, and we are hopefully, have the latter group change their opinion on travels once they experience these amazing stories. There are many exciting tourist destinations around the world, which can provide you with the first-hand experience and knowledge about historical sites, museum attractions, most beautiful natural sceneries and ultimate wildlife experiences, festivals you need to visit and many other trips related stuff.




Our primary goal is to make you immediately feel the need to leave your house and explore these destinations. Among those special vacations, you should probably list locations like Mediterranean countries, Scandinavia, South America, Caribbean Islands, North of Africa, Eastern Asia Countries and many other historically rich destinations. The website team includes many enthusiasts who are ready to engage, learn and present you the list of all the interesting places you need to visit once in your life. We will help you to virtually visit all these places, recommend the best festivals, museums, and ways to get there. Our site will offer you great ideas, recommendations and helpful tips on where and how to travel. Those of you who are satisfied with our suggestions will certainly visit us again which is critical fact for our experienced team.

Ancient World

The planet Earth is ancient, and traces of human cultures go several thousand years in the past. Although we count the years a bit more than last 2000, there are unimaginable historical sources which are present even today- all over the world. Therefore, if you want to visit sites which are full of history, there are villages in Great Britain which remained untouched by modernisation, or even older sites like famous Stonehenge, Machu Picchu in South America, Buddhist temples in India, pyramids of Giza. You can visit Roman Colosseum and other buildings from the period of Roman Empire which are still present in Italy and France as well as relatively newer Ottoman Empire architectural structures throughout the Mediterranean countries of both Europe and Africa. These places will present you the development of most prominent religions, show you the meaning of culture and tradition, and help you get the idea of the time.


For all those who are interested in parties and festivals – a more relaxed approach to the cultural and traditional exploration, there are many events which are going to make you their inseparable part. If you are lucky enough to visit any of the festivals mentioned below you are going to learn a lot about people, religion, as well as music and art in entirely new and unusual way. Therefore, be sure to visit Oktoberfest in Germany, China during the celebration of Chinese New Year, very famous Carnivals in Rio or Venice, Dia de los muertos or Day of the Dead in Mexico, running of the bulls in Spain and various others entertaining, loud and vivid celebrations.


On the other hand, if you are the quiet person seeking knowledge through museums and libraries there are certainly places that you can visit as well. The greatest museums attract millions of visitors every year. You might want to know more on particular exhibitions or works of arts available in these museums before you go, but most famous museums are those who hold Da Vinci´s Mona Lisa and The Rosetta Stone with Egyptian hieroglyphs. Besides of Louvre in Paris and The British Museum in London, every museum lover should visit the Smithsonian Museum, which is the largest and most popular museum in the world.


For those who enjoy the nature, its magnificent and picturesque sceneries should visit the African savannas, Grand Canyon, Amazon River, and for those who are both physically and financially capable some of the high mountains like The Alps, Himalaya, Andes or some other relatively smaller mountains. These are destinations which are going to make you feel powerful and insignificant at the same time. You will be aware of the power that nature has, it will make you mindful of the fact that even on the top of evolution chain your acts are so unimportant comparing to the laws of nature. It will also make you feel creative and fulfilled. Be one with nature, at least for a while, appreciate all that the Mother Nature offers.


Louvre, Paris


Alps, Austria


Our trips

All these destinations are certainly going to make you feel thirsty for knowledge on different countries, traditions, and people. Through this site and with the help of our interesting articles we are going to provide you with these. For all those who are for any reason unable to travel the world, we are here to take you on our beautiful virtual trips.