Greatest Festivals Around The World

chinese NY1. Chinese New Year

Topic: Celebration of the new lunar year

Location: China

This is one of the biggest and most important out of Chinese festivals that celebrates the new year on the traditional lunar Chinese calendar. In china, and in other festivals around the world, the customs, culture and traditions of the celebrations varies throughout the country. The most common way to celebrate the day however is to have a large family gathering for a reunion feast. Other activities done at this reunion include lighting firecrackers, or giving money in red paper envelopes, the red color representing good fortune, happiness, wealth, and longevity for the new year.

2. Oktoberfest

Topic: Beer festival

Location: Germany

This is the world larges beer festival and is held annually in Germany. The entire festival runs for a total of sixteen days, from mid or late September, to the beginning of October. More than 6 million people around the world travel to Germany to attend this event making Oktoberfest the world’s largest fair. The festival started in 1810 and has changed a lot since then, for example, now, music is quieter to make the celebration enjoyable for elderly and children. Some events that are highlights of this celebration are beer tasting of different restaurants and breweries, beer barrel tapping, and a costume and riflemen parade.

3. Running of the bulls

Topic: Run in front of a small group of cattle

Location: Spain

In the running of the bulls people run from a group of cattle (bulls), that have released in the streets of a city. The event came from the need to transport bulls from fields into the city to be killed and butchered. It became an event because young herders would show off their bravery and agility. After years of the practice of herding cattle in the city, the event became a competition where men would race the bulls to get to the end safely. Because the popularity of this increased, the tradition expanded to more Spanish cities creating the festival we have today.

4. The Rio de Janeiro Carnival – Rio de Janeiro,

Topic: Carnival held before Lent

Location: Brazil

5. Boryeong Mud Festival

Topic: Advertisement for beauty company
Location: South Korea

6. Burning Man

Topic: create art and express individuality
Location: Nevada, USAice and snow festival

7. Harbin Ice and Snow Festival

Topic: exhibit exquisite ace and snow sculptures
Location: Harbin, China

8. Dia de los muertos (Day of the Dead)

Topic: pray for and remember friends and family members who have died
Location: Mexico

9. Holi

Topic: gather, sing, dance, and celebrate with colors
Location: India

10. Carnival of Venice

Topic: Go back to a time 900 years ago in Venice
Location: Venice, Italy